Corporate Governance


Main Holders of Common Shares
(as of December 31, 2016)

51.65%Antoun SEHNAOUI

Board of Directors and Committees

Board of Directors Audit Committee Risk Committee Governance Committee Renumeration Committee AML/CFT Committee
Antoun SEHNAOUI - Chairman Executive   Member Chairman    
Nabil SEHNAOUI - Member Non-Executive Member   Member Member Member
Pierre Frédéric KAMEL - Member Non-Executive   Member Member    
Kafinvest Holding Lebanon SAL - represented by Pierre Frédéric KAMEL - Member Non-Executive          
NSKINV Ltd - Represented by Antoun SEHNAOUI - Member Non-Executive          
Societe Generale SA (France) - Represented by Alexandre MAYMAT - Member Non-Executive Member        
Jean-Louis MATTEI - Member Independent       Member Chairman
Ishac Mazen HANNA - Member Independent   Chairman   Chairman  
Grégoire LEFEBVRE - Member Non-Executive Member Member Member Member Member
Jean-Pierre DUCROQUET - Member Independent Chairman        
(*)A Director may be considered non-executive if he/she:
• does not perform management duties within the Bank, does not carry out any executive tasks at this Bank and /or in any of its branches or subsidiaries in Lebanon and abroad, or does not have advisory capacity vis-à-vis senior management either at the moment or during the two years preceding his/ her appointment as a director;
(**) A Director may be considered Independent if he/she:
• is a Non-Executive Director;
• is not one of the major shareholders who owns, directly or indirectly, more than 5% of the total amount of the shares of the Bank or of the voting rights relating thereto, whichever is higher;
• is independent of any members of the Senior Management of the Bank and of its major shareholders, i.e. that there has been no employment ties with any of above mentioned parties whether at the moment or during the two years preceding his/ her appointment as a director;
• is not a member of the immediate family, up to fourth degree of consanguinity, of any major shareholder;
• is not one of the Bank’s debtors.

Statutory Auditors

BDO, Semaan, Gholam & Co

Ernst & Young P.C.C.

Executive Committee

  • Antoun SEHNAOUI

    Antoun SEHNAOUI

    Chairman & CEO
    A. Sehnaoui is SGBL’s chairman and CEO since 2007. He is also the chairman of Fidus, the Group’s financial brokerage firm. Mr. Sehnaoui holds a BA in Business Administration – major in International Finance and Banking from the University of Southern California (USA) and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Banks in Lebanon.
  • Philippe DUBOIS

    Philippe DUBOIS

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer
    Ph. Dubois joined SGBL group in 2014 and was appointed Deputy CEO by the board in March 2015. Prior to that, he was with Societe Generale group where he held several positions in Societe Generale’s network in France, before taking up executive positions within the international network (French Polynesia and Serbia) and later on, supervising the Retail banking activity in Russia. Mr. Dubois graduated from French business school ESLSCA (Ecole Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées) and holds a Master’s Degree in Management Control.
  • Tarek CHEHAB

    Tarek CHEHAB

    Deputy General Manager
    Head of the Commercial Division - Retail, Corporate and Private Banking
    T. Chehab joined SGBL group in 1999 as General Manager of Fidus. Prior to that, Mr. Chehab held several executive positions in France in various businesses, among which as Group financial controller with Tractel Group and as Senior consultant at United Group Consultants. Within SGBL group, Mr. Chehab also acts as Chairman of Sogelease Liban, the Group’s leasing company. He holds a Master’s degree in Management – major in Finance, from the University of Dauphine in Paris.
  • Georges SAGHBINI

    Georges SAGHBINI

    Deputy General Manager
    Group CFO, Head of Business Development, Strategy, and Corporate Secretariat
    G. Saghbini joined SGBL group in 1996. He has since occupied several executive positions in the Bank and within the Group. Mr. Saghbini presently acts as Chairman of SGBL Insurance, the Group’s life insurance company, and is a board member of SGBJ and SGBCy, the Group’s subsidiary banks in Jordan and Cyprus respectively. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the Paris I – Sorbonne University and from Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, as well as a Post graduate diploma in Money, Banking and Finance from the Sorbonne University.
  • Khalil LETAYF

    Khalil LETAYF

    Deputy General Manager
    CEO of Societe Generale Bank – Cyprus Ltd
    K. Letayf joined SGBL group in 2008. Prior to that, he held different managerial positions in the e-payment and banking businesses in both France and Lebanon. Within SGBL group, and prior to heading SGBL’s subsidiary in Cyprus, Mr. Letayf acted as SGBL’s Head of the Resources and Services division and occupied, on rotating presidency basis, the position of Chairman of CTM, the credit card processing company that is 50% owned by SGBL. He holds a degree in Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Paris.
  • Sleiman MAARAOUI

    Sleiman MAARAOUI

    Deputy General Manager
    Head of the Systems, Projects, and Infrastructure Division
    S. Maaraoui joined SGBL group in 2001 after holding several executive positions in the banking sector in France. Prior to heading the Systems, Projects and Infrastructure division, Mr. Maaraoui was SGBL’s Head of Internal Audit and Inspection. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics – major in Finance from the University of Amiens (France).